Romans 1 26-28 not condemning gays

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Does Romans 1 condemn homosexuality? The reference is clearly to the practice of lesbianism and male homosexuality. Martins Press,pg. Man complements woman and vice versa, and this is true anatomically, physiologically, and psychologically. Conversely, the Gentiles would have understood that disharmony with nature, or acting unnaturally in a state of sexual impurity, meant being lustful, defying the male-dominant social and sexual norms, and participating in non-procreative sex. In the end, the three primary arguments used by homosexual proponents to say Paul is disapproving only of specific homosexual behavioral types and not homosexual behavior in general fail when analyzed against the actual text of Romans 1.

romans 1 26-28 not condemning gays
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Paul uses language of mutuality that indicates both parties are guilty of sinning.

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Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. Even if they kept the whole Law, Paul told the Jews, they would never be righteous enough on their own without placing their faith in Jesus as an intermediary to a saving relationship with God. Women were the passive participants in sex, the penetrated.

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