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The poll also found that people personally close to gays and lesbians supported gay marriage at a higher rate than those who don't have gay friends or relatives. Yet another wierdo transvestite to coin a phrase from the great Eddie giving us executive transvestites a bad name: United States Air Force. Archived from the original on The results are similar to those of an Eagleton poll conducted in June I have never been in this situation before.

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Posted by MoTown October 30, 5:

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Richard Curtis, Cody Castagna, and Gay Extortion in Spokane

Cross dressing, video porn, blow jobs in public, casinos, hotel porn, more sex. My guess is this guy found out Curtis was a legislator after he took his wallet. On October 30,the Spokesman-Review newspaper for the city of Spokane released the results of an investigation that established that Curtis had met another man, Cody Castagna, in an adult bookstorewith whom he later had sex in a local hotel room. More of who's ox is being gored? Posted by Richard in SF November 1, 8:

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In his initial statement to Spokane police on Oct. Curtis stated both he and the male walked into the lobby together. Actually, we need a specific schaunefruede word just for GOP sex scandals What else Curtis does at the grave I have no idea. HIV positive and the rep wanted to bareback him?