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Here are just a few examples of who is left out of gay newspapers' obituaries. Marshall cites a number of other studies that show homosexuals face certain health risks. Mission statement of the Family Research Institute. Our goal was to provide a population-based estimate of the overall mortality in a well-defined, complete cohort of gay and lesbian persons without obvious health-related characteristics that would lead to biased mortality estimates. Arch Pediatr Adolesc Med ; Until very recently, murders of gay men in select situations could even be considered semi-legal. The Danish Civil Registration System:

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Disparities in smoking between the lesbian, gay, and bisexual population and the general population in California.

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Mortality Among Men and Women in Same-Sex Marriage: A National Cohort Study of 8333 Danes

Our findings document the widely anticipated increased mortality risk among MSM caused by a greater risk for HIV-related disease 11 and, at the same time, address the concern that non—HIV-related mortality rates may also be elevated in this population. Total individual follow-up time was available in months between the second MEC assessment and December 31,or death. None of the other research Marshall listed proves his point that homosexual behavior today cuts life expectancy by 20 years. Mission statement of the Family Research Institute. Maternal mortality for countries, — Suicidality and sexual orientation:

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It may be that current all-cause mortality risk among men with minority sexual orientation is somewhat less elevated today than a decade ago, before the introduction of HAART. From these codes, we created 4 variables: Adolescent sexual orientation and suicide risk: Numbers were similar in the U. Same-sex sexuality and quality of life:

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