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This is NYC, Bitch! The hub was a theater called Surf Reality, which was a laboratory for experimental performance of all kinds, cutting edge comedy, performance art, burlesque and home to Faceboyz Open Mic. But when you get a gay audience you get themand it's the best feeling ever. Project Zero. I called and asked her if she wanted to do the show with me and she accepted on blind faith. Later I asked her to appear in the video for "Dickmatized" as one of the banjii girls at the basketball court.

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Recently, the show was added on Netflix as an international distribution.

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We get to have drag and performance legends teach the children through their experiences. What was your favorite experience working on the show? Now, I knew that they would at some point start quoting the bible as to why homosexuality was so evil, and I certainly don't know any pro-gay bible verses to come back at them with.

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You wouldn't really know what you were doing that day until you got to the set.

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