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Homosexuality is still not something that is talked about very openly in our society. When Lipkin asked his player what happened, he told his coach the other player had used a gay slur to describe the Minneapolis players. Lipkin is the executive director and co-founder of Homegrown Lacrosse, a local organization that provides opportunities for players to raise their skill level while also emphasizing values such as teamwork, commitment and selflessness. Andrew McIntosh Oneonta State comes out to his team. About LaxAllStars. Why watch gay porn when there is a Lacrosse game on? Share

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France goes at World Cup with win over Nigeria France completed World Cup group play with a record for the first time, beating Nigeria Monday night at Rennes when Wendie Renard converted….

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A stupid sport that is often related to baseball. I wouldn't have it any other way son. There, I said it. No Lance, You will not be sucking my dick.

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