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Ambrose Fleming F. APRS is really neat; it lets you wireless upload data packets to the Internet from anywhere. More nifty ham links! It's a lot like old school Fidonet or Usenet, only via amateur radio bands. I did my best to convince them that we should do something totally new WIMAX was brand new at the time, with no commercial networks in existencebut they were all really keen on setting up long-range wifi networks. I 'rediscovered' it about 10 years later, and was fascinated with the new tiny radios, the surge of great QRP gear, and new modes like PSK

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If any, and we mean any abusive language, harassment, or some other type of material is thrown around that violates the rules or reddiquette, the post will be locked or removed entirely. It's just one of those strange things. I'm licensed, as is my wife. I can hear sediment in the southwest sump pump, the gentle growl to the boiler's circulator motor, and the bubble of a clog in the northern sewer drain, but that pinhole was as quiet as a whisper.

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