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And certainly there were a lot of people who were gay that were involved with creating that music, but not as many as straight people, because there are always more straight people than there are gay people. Harmony - Suzi Lane. Tell me about the new album. And I'd climb up on my soap box and ask why they would think disco music is gay music, since most of it is by straight artists, mostly women, and only a tiny percent is lyrically gay. From Eartha Kitt to Ethel Merman.

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It topped the dance charts here and it reached 3 on the pop charts in England, making it the first hit song there to deal openly with the struggle of gay people coming out in a homophobic society.

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GAY CLUB MUSIC- 1980'S-1990'S

This is a very truncated version because I want you to hear the end, where he tells the crowd his chiffon is wet. I always just got blank stares. Laura Taylor - All Through Me. I'm coming out of the ashes, renewed and rejuvenated. That was the parody. They related to a gay lifestyle, but were generally performed by women, probably to allow greater commercial success.

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And, here's one more, by a Dutch duo going by the name Gay Men. Your Love - Lime. And I think I first heard it in New York, where disco was first breaking out, before it was cool to like dance music, when it was still disco sucks and all the rest of it. My website, of course is at www. Tell me about the new album. She had great music, but I just don't think of her hits as being gay anthems.

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