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The fliers said that public sex is illegal. The penalties for both are as high as 90 days in jail, three years of probation and hours of community service. Another serious cruiser adds: The judge suspended the jail term but sentenced him to three years of probation. Its serpentine paths and overgrown bushes provide some privacy.

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Denton, who was arrested in in Johnston, R.

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Sacramento's #1 Gay Nightclub

Their solution has been, very much like police do with prostitution, to send undercover vice cops into the area. Though they have made a few arrests of men caught having sex in pairs or in groups, most of the time, officers entice men—through provocative words and gestures and lots of eye contact—into doing something lewd, such as exposing themselves or touching the vice officer, and then cite them for lewd conduct and, usually, either indecent exposure or sexual battery. This March, Nickerson and several other attorneys won a similar Murgia motion in Fresno. Elliott walked in and put his knapsack down. They took his picture and his thumbprints and went through his backpack.

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Below we show a Sacramento cruising map with all cruising areas and spots that shared our gay community. If you know any other places or spots where Cruising can be practised in Sacramento, you can add them to the map and share them with the rest of gay people through this link: They could see out, but, Elliott thought, nobody else could see in. She said that though there are a few out lesbian officers in the department and though there are some male officers who are openly gay in their private lives, none of those men are out on the job. The motivation, he concluded, was the excitement, the newness, even, and the thrill of possibly being caught. The local newspaper published his name and pictures of him and the five other men arrested in a raid on an adult movie theater.

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