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Sexual orientation, gender identity and intersex status protections see below. It would be done in the middle of the night, and probably ripped down immediately, several people said. By continuing to navigate, we understand that you accept its use. It formally registered in February As such, attitudes towards members of the LGBT community tend to be quite conservative, much like other Eastern European countries.

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Almost 31, people were detained in prison camps, and 53, were forced to flee.

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LGBT rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Police arrived just after the attackers left, and were criticised for doing very little in finding and prosecuting the attackers. More than two decades after a devastating war, Bosnia-Herzegovina has still not overcome its deep ethnic divisions. However, she also says their actions over the years have slightly changed the local environment. But, beating up gay people is apparently one of them. Gay culture is thought of as a Western import, explained Sergej, a year-old medical student in Banja Luka, the country's second-largest city. He has revealed his sexual preferences to his family. Welcome to the Kingdom of Imagination, when things are not as they are but as we construe and interpret them to be….

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What happens to Palomo Cojo? Could Ukraine be another Bosnia? Pavic did not answer calls in time for publication. Kosovo and Montenegro have enacted statutes that prohibit anti-gay discrimination. Finocchio Gay Dictionary Italy. The adoption of gender equality laws saw the first associations of activists and supporters of LGBT rights begin to emerge in BiH, not knowing that this wave of hope was soon to be crushed by violence. Trans March on Washington postponed until September.

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