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Gaby reveals to Andrew that she knows what he did to Carlos's mother but has no intention to tell Carlos about it. List of Desperate Housewives episodes. Start a Wiki. Bree convinces him to go to AA. Mary Beth reveals to Bree that she knows Andrew is gay, but she is marrying him for his companionship, Bree tells her that she can do better with her life and she leaves. Justin has no arousal which brings Gabrielle to the conclusion that Justin is gay. Bree's father and stepmother arrive, and convince the judge to drop the case.

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Go ahead and abandon my father because I promise you will be sorry.

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Desperate Housewives episodes. When Gabrielle sees John dropping her off after work, she is furious with John for flirting with Ana and decides that she will now be picking Ana up from work. Solis and tells her that he wants her business or he will tell people of it. Lynette knocks on Andrew's door to make sure Andrew has no intention of selling his house to Paul Young.

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At the hospital, Andrew treats the situation lightly and is yelled at by Orson for doing so.

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