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That's what she loved. This is a real revelation. It's his crooning that separates him from the mob of other on-screen wise guys. The Cinderella Complex is the story of a girl who feels that love is like a glass slipper that never seems to fit. Let's hear a little bit of your different interpretation. Edith Piaf is usually thought of as a gifted, tragic figure: Tony Award winner Melba Moorewho is currently co-starring in the national tour of Brooklynthe Musical.

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Elaine Paige on Piaf: Iconic Stage Star Reflects, Prepares for Celebration

Both singers will be accompanied by a jazz trio, led by pianist, Donald Vega. Jeff Macauley first did his tribute to the lyrics of Normal Gimbel in The Cinderella Complex is an inspiring valentine's day show, for those who have found true love and those who are still waiting for their happily ever after. And I don't think you can make "Sophisticated Lady" into French. Their mutual friend Blossom Dearie will be aptly represented in the show.

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Paige discovered that "her hands and mine are exactly the same size, as are our feet. February 18th, Vandoliers. She will put her personal stamp on this amazingly rich and diverse decade, ranging from the Beatles to Broadway to Brazil and from singer-songwriters to Sinatra. She just finished a run of her one-woman Piaf show. It's got the most marvelous melody, and a wonderful lyric, combined. Browse the Latest Snapshot.