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Although the term "gay icon" is most commonly used in the United States, the concept is found in other cultures, as well. Archived from the original on June 14, The expression "Is he a friend of Dorothy? You have been inactive for 60 minutes and will be logged out in. They enjoyed playing sports, and they were gay and they had to hide that from most of the people we grew up around. Adam Lambert is another high-profile gay man who has described himself as a fan of Winfrey. What is it like to be the first person?

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I still hear people say that I should not be talking about the rights of lesbian and gay people and I should stick to the issue of racial justice

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Blood Sport

Saint Sebastian as Contemporary Gay Martyr". Retrieved December 5, Retrieved April 24, Retrieved June 22, Archived from the original on September 30,

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Archived from the original on October 28, Retrieved 18 June Minogue felt "very touched" to have such an "appreciative crowd," and this encouraged her to perform at gay venues throughout the world, as well as headlining Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. You have been inactive for 60 minutes and will be logged out in. Should leagues require testing? My Friendship with Lucille Ballthe author describes his experience when he witnessed Lucille Ball being labeled a gay icon for the first time by a mutual friend. Professional sports — especially football — has been called the Final Frontier in terms of being a place where gay men can safely and confidently come out.

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