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Was she accusing me of turning her husband gay? I was, or so I thought. HuffPost Personal. I like it when people take the time to comment even when they diagree. Venn-Brown, is — DID I turn my ex husband to the gay lifestyle or was he born gay and after 13 years of marriage decided he preferred to live his life another way? The straight mould was reinforced by speaking disparagingly about men who had sex with men and the consequences for those who did were horrendous.

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I think I agree with many of your aims as a gay activist but I don't think they are really advanced by being so binary about orientation.

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A few weeks after buying a small condo, I went to a paint store to check out color samples. And I tried hard to make sure the straight switch was kept on during the 16 years of marriage. Latino Voices. We separated after 16 years.

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Latino Voices.

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