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They left immediately without discussing any details of their proposed wedding cake. RSS feed of articles by Andrew Koppelman. The court nonetheless found that refusing to write words supporting same-sex marriage was itself discrimination based on sexual orientation. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. It is a worthy goal. By all accounts, Jack Phillips is a decent person whose religious beliefs lead him to do good things for people, such as welcoming and feeding the homeless.

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RSS feed of articles by Andrew Koppelman.

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US Supreme Court backs Colorado baker's gay wedding cake snub

Charlie Craig and David Mullins visited the Masterpiece bakery and looked through a photo album of custom-designed cakes. Skip to Main Content. Difficult decisions can be deferred, but not ultimately avoided. The Court has previously held that universities were not compelled to endorse any message when they were required to provide space to military recruiters. It just prohibits discrimination. It is merely telling him that if he sells any products to heterosexual couples, he must sell the same products to same-sex couples.

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Then she added that the colors were to celebrate her coming out as transgender on her birthday, some years earlier. Phillips argues that the result should be different if Craig and Mullins had requested a premade cake. The help is clever but makes his case no better. Survey says most don't, particularly in Arkansas For today's holiday, the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation prepared a question quiz on American history. Posted by wannabee conservative on February 18, Re:

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