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Please Hugh, lock yourself in the closet. I think rugby saved me because that's just organized violence. I don't see the problem. I'm a typical actor. He's a nice guy and the more he's hounded by obsessed queens like OP, the less confident gay actors will be about coming out. But did you ever think:.

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That's who Wolverine is.

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Poor Hugh Jackman, Denying He's Gay Again

I'd love to see them in the next Wolverine. I am straight and I prefer men sorry Ferme ta gueule et va prendre tes medocs. Expressed great fondness for the comic book character Superman. Now the only reason people should think he is gay is because of his strange set up with one of his work colleagues. But I think you've nailed it -- this is an unhinged fan.

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Once the leading actor roles dry up, Hugh will probably come out as bi. Why make such a damn fuss anyway? But Annie [ Anne Hathaway ] brought research to it that went even further than Hugo - about what it meant to be a woman in that time period, what it meant to be a prisoner. It was like putting him in handcuffs. Morever, lesbian or bisexual actresses can play roles of straight women in movies Can we summarize who are the men he has had sex with?

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