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No, that's not true. I personally can't live without the app that warns me there are only four squares of toilet paper left on the roll; it sure saves me from some awkward moments. And it turns out that many of us are at. While having a romantic massage with your other half at a nice spa, for instances, the masseuses, thinking you're just male business associates on a business trip having a massage as a freebie, might ask things like, "So, how long have you been working together? Risky, since their's a good chance if he's younger that he'll immediately run to his folks and tell them.

how to hide a gay relationship
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Rule 2:

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Don't keep things from your partner; it's a lie of omission if you fail to disclose things - it's nearly as bad as outright lying. Want to join? Are they serious about you to the point where you are meeting the people that matter most to them?

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Just remember the strain it will put, and when you're ready tell your parents.

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