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August 3, I loooooved Doug. And if there isn't tension But he also has done some nice rooms. They are going to do a reboot of the show called Trading Spaceys - it will be about Kevin's efforts to trade up to the next younger model escort.

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And the bathroom where she stapled a bunch of silk flowers to the wall.

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The designers particularly Hildi and Doug were obviously told by the producers to go for maximum outrage and drama. I do like Edward, and Amy's been a designer, but I can't remember which show. Edward and Vern had the highest hit rate with me, and the worst I could say against Laurie was that she was unadventurous. Or we would have those covers for bathroom tissue

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I mean she really thought people wouldn't mind when she went with going against people's wishes or messing with pieces that were really sentimental to the owners.

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