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A copy of this quiz is in your dashboard. There are three sexually-transmitted forms of hepatitis hep: Related Tags Contraception Sex and relationships. Sign In or Create an Account. Most men experience some symptoms around two to six weeks after infection such as a sore throat, fever, body aches or rash. I wonder if he tops too?

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Sex without condoms is the most likely way for gay men to become infected with HIV.

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The Gay Man's Good Sex Guide

This may make your erection less hard than usual. Services accessible to all, a population better informed. From its humble beginnings as a local activist newspaper to its incarnation as a gay and lesbian, glossy, lifestyle magazine in the early s, the Advocate consolidated the image of the ideal gay consumer, his occasionally her tastes, pleasures, and concerns, for readers and advertisers alike. You know the solution. HIV can also be found in vaginal fluids, including menstrual blood, and breast milk. Go to My Dashboard. GMFA, the gay men's health charity.

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Buy the Booklet The Man Manual - men's health made easy in print. In the UK, one man in five dies before the age of Carry condoms and lube. It irritates the lining of the arse, may make sex more painful and also increases your risk of HIV. This article is also available for rental through DeepDyve. I like smooth bodies ready for daddy. There is no cure but, if you are diagnosed with HIV and treated, you should have a normal life expectancy.

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