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Tuesday, 5 June The use of provocation as an excuse in murder should have no place in SA criminal law, according to a report published by the South Australian Law Reform Institute. In Andrew Negre was killed by Michael Lindsay bashing and stabbing him. Statutes of California House Resolution. Retrieved May 4, In the second of two reports, the independent South Australian Law Reform Institute, based at the University of Adelaide Law School, is recommending that the State Government abolish provocation as a defence along with other changes to the law. Retrieved from " https: Indiana Department of Correction.

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The jury convicted Lindsay of murder and he was sentenced to life imprisonment with a year non-parole period.

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After decades of ‘gay panic defence’ in court, US states slowly begin to ban tactic

For the mental disorder, see Homosexual panic. Archived from the original on 1 February Gay and Trans Panic Defense. Lindsay's principle defence was that he stabbed Negre in the chest and abdomen but Negre's death was the result of someone else slitting Negre's throat. Retrieved 15 February It is primarily used by straight men claiming that they found the experience of an unwanted same-gender sexual advance so upsetting that they temporarily became enraged and lost control of their own behavior Lee, However, the Institute has found that any reform to the use of provocation as a defence in murder cases must be considered alongside reforms to sentencing and defences relating to family violence, as they are all closely related.

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In February, Andrew Cuomo, the Democratic governor of New York, announced a proposal citing the death of Islan Nettlesa transgender woman who was beaten to death by a man who had flirted with her. In Andrew Negre was killed by Michael Lindsay bashing and stabbing him. His killer, Lawrence Reed, admitted to strangling the victim, dumping the body near a levee and trying to set it on fire, but argued that he acted in self-defence after McMillian tried to rape him. The Governor of Rhode Island signed the bill into law a month later in July ThorntonS. Any decision on accepting the recommendations is for the State Government and Parliament.

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