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I wanted a school that was in Central London with a good reputation but also a place that was affordable for me. Are you a member of any clubs or societies? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I already have plenty of friends in London from previous holidays to England. Do you have any favourite English bands? It is such a big, impressive city and I love being here, it is so different from back home.

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I prefer to spend time with them and live like a Londoner.

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Renato Ferreira, Rose of York Language School, London

Also, London is a busy city but everything works very well — the tube and buses are on time and they are comfortable. I think it is important to try to make friends with people in the country you will be visiting. The architecture and weather is amazing and interesting — these are probably the biggest differences. It is a totally different lifestyle from Brazil. Rose of York had a really great discounted offer available for Brazilian students at the time I was looking for a school, so that made it an easy choice. I love the snow, the cold wind, the thick clouds — all of this! I love to travel and I love to fly, so it would be the perfect job for me.

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JulianThis post is a continuation of the series Men in white underwear. England has lots of rules, which means that it works well and is ordered. That just shows the power of the Internet. Here is a collection of pics of very hot guys. I think it is important to try to make friends with people in the country you will be visiting. If you like the models we post, then you'll love CamWithHim!

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