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But in the seventh he again hit a hard shot at Keltner, who again stopped it and threw him out. Marilyn Monroe was upstairs in bed. Sometimes tourists will walk into the restaurant and have lunch and will see him sitting calmly in a corner signing autographs and being extremely gracious with everyone. Some of the culture of the late s included what was termed the " Castro clone ", a mode of dress and personal grooming that exemplified butchness and masculinity of the working-class men in construction—tight denim jeans, black or sand combat boots, tight T-shirt or, often, an Izod crocodile shirt, possibly a red plaid flannel outer shirt, and usually sporting a mustache or full beard—in vogue with the gay male population at the time, and which gave rise to the nickname "Clone Canyon" for the stretch of Castro Street between 18th and Market Streets. Milk's camera store and campaign headquarters which were at Castro has a memorial plaque and mural on the inside of the store, now housing the Human Rights Campaign Action Center and Store.

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When it comes to taking chances, the younger man, even when driving a car, will take chances that the older man won't.

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And later you see them all bandaged up, broken legs The fishermen also remember how, after his retirement inDiMaggio brought his second wife, Marilyn, to live near the wharf, and sometimes they would be seen early in the morning fishing off DiMaggio's boat, the Yankee Clippernow docked quietly in the marina, and in the evening they would be sitting and talking on the pier. In addition to the city's locals, people travel to visit the shops and restaurants as well as the events that take place, such as the Castro Street Fair. She was about 25, healthy and blue-eyed and wearing a turtleneck sweater, and she had long, flowing blonde hair that she brushed back a few times before clicking her camera. Still he is always an impressive figure at banquets such as this - an immortal sports writers called him, and that is how they have written about him and others like him, rarely suggesting that such heroes might ever be prone to the ills of mortal men, carousing, drinking, scheming; to suggest this would destroy the myth, would disillusion small boys, would infuriate rich men who own ball clubs and to whom baseball is a business dedicated to profit and in pursuit of which they trade mediocre players' flesh as casually as boys trade players' pictures on bubble-gum cards. Joe DiMaggio was downstairs with his suitcases, tense and pale, his eyes bloodshot.

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But, mainly as I talked about earlier, I understand their hair and the struggle that might be going on inside their head. You're making me late. But inhearing of the luckier waters off San Francisco's wharf, Zio Pepe left Martinez, packing his boat with furniture and family, including Joe, who was one year old. The area has heavy vehicular traffic as well as many visitors. Places adjacent to Castro District, San Francisco. This year has been an amazing year for hair trends.