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I remember being alone on one side of the table feeling small and broken before these righteous men of God and the two people who spent their lives raising and protecting me. I could not confide in anyone, or hope that they would understand how I felt. Whereas, every other church has so many members doing the same thing. If they just understood this is an erroneous Bible interpretation! Anyway, only God judges. I used to be a Police Officer. Pin It on Pinterest.

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Reply What a poor comment.

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Views about homosexuality among Jehovah's Witnesses

The section will be open to any subject and photographic genre. My parents grew worried and rumors started circulating. Having said these things, I still believe in Jehovah and wish to appease him but it seems difficult. The Bible condemn men who lies with men. The people that are posting this message they are the ramaining people that kill Jese Christ. His cubicle was on the ground floor, but he needed to walk 15 meters to get to the bathroom, crossing over puddles of dirty water. Everyone who quotes these passages does so naively, believing that it says so in the originals.

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Reply What a poor comment. And so we only receive the prejudiced translation of anti-homosexual Christians. But the trial took a profound mental and physical toll on me. All my siblings had already moved away and started their own families. Churches are governed by the Bible, which sets out that marriage is the union between a man and a woman, for their entire lives, not for them to separate like people freely choose to do so. That is one of my sins; there are so many sins in this world for you to call yourself a sinner.

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