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Love and relationships. This is also seen in discussions of the amount of money that gay couples spend, or are willing to spend in having a child — signalling their growing economic clout. Two sexy guys. Group of different people Beyond that, they want lawmakers bent on barring them from fatherhood to see that two-dad families are for the most part just like any other family. Gay dads prefer schools and communities that are safe and inclusive. Flea Market in NYC back in the '80s.

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I started looking on Google Images and discovered that these sorts of photos were all over the Internet.

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In the past, we would have had to live in fear of rejection from our families, physical assault or even arrest. Queer Life Photography Lgbt Couples. As LGBT people continue to make further political and social gains, what do you think these photos mean or represent for our movement?

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Youth, Class and Sexuality June 15,

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