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The warm liquid flooding my insides. Posted by Leo at 6: Older Posts Home. The feeling of his hot, tight hole enveloping my shaft was mind-blowing. Groaning and grunting and taking that big load of boyjuice and slurping and grabbing his ass and going Uh, uh, uh, uh, as he's giving me the short hard thrusts and the finishing cumshots. Why didn't I fuck more?

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He likes spreading his seed into as many guys as possible.

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So my jaw is pretty well dropped and that big fuckstick is pretty deep, so I start turning my head and neck around it a little to just screw it tighter and deeper into me, cupping his balls hard into my chin, it's like I just want to SWALLOW this fucking cock, and maybe I would have, but the other end of it was still attached to him. The voice is commanding, but not threatening. So he lets his hips hit the floor hard when he's done shooting, but I'm not done sucking.

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I take the first couple of wads deep, and he obviously wants them deep cuz his hips are raised up off the ground and grinding his cockshaft into me with fast little swiveling fucks, and I go for deep, also.

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