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He is sometimes depicted as an effeminate drag queen and inspires those he inhabits to lascivious sexuality of all kinds, especially transgender or lesbian behaviour in women. LGBT themes in classical mythology. The gods first listen to Set's claim of dominance over Horus, and call his semen forth, but it answers from the river, invalidating his claim. In a similar matter regarding paired male saints, Saints Cosmas and Damian have been referred as potentially originally having homoerotic overtones, and that later Christian traditions added them being brothers to conceal that. How did St Sebastian become an enduring, homo-erotic icon?

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Spoken Language Services.

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In general, Buddhist scripture does not distinguish same-sex sexual activity from heterosexual activity, both being seen as non-conducive to spiritual growth. December His example inspired noble families to purchase young men as lovers for their sons, creating legal relationships akin to marriage.

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Male same-sex love was believed to have originated in the mythical south, thus homosexuality is sometimes still called "Southern wind".

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