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The Feature Film. Jason was apparently operating on the same Trent Reznor logic that if you offer a product both for free and for sale that people might, just might, purchase it over taking the free copy. After the first episode, subsequent ones boiled down to Jason saying something, Knox repeating it as a question, and Jason asking why the show is so terrible. Basically put, the cast looks up random MSN articles and start talking about it like talking about a guy getting nude and eating his own shit were the most fascinating thing ever. Yes, you are going to be raped. Fan edits were made and astronomical amounts of butthurt were reached and surpassed.

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After the fact, Jason decided to take the short film and make it into a feature film.

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In the world of film makingthis is the equivalency of taking a shit into a DVD case and trying to sell it on the streets to random strangers like some vacuum salesman ; quality, what's that? The reason as to why is because of a new feature length film in progress. Jason Steele is the founder and sole contributor to the website FilmCow.

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He's prescribing you a heaping dose of the Filmcow Master Collection, and various opiates.

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