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A person's internal sense of gender. Furthermore, given the low frequency of genetic mutations associated with thrombosis 19 out ofthe authors do not recommend routine screening for thrombophilia. Low prevalence rates in certain societies may need to be regarded with caution, as they may reflect a symptom of repression. It is expected that the new edition of the ICD ICD will change this term and move it out of the mental health chapter. Questions remain about the most appropriate way of supporting prepubertal children.

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Arterial hypertension during treatment with triptorelin in a child with Williams-Beuren syndrome.

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New research shows that younger endocrinologists are more comfortable working with transgender people, which is promising for the future of trans health care—but it's also a painful reminder that it is all too common for the health care of transgender people to be mismanaged by prejudiced physicians. The rates of fracture were found to be low, with no fractures found in 53 transgender women after 12 months in this review There is no demonstrable biological substrate for gender incongruence.

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Medicaid programs in some states are beginning to cover transition-related services, even the military is stepping up, and trans people are able to transition younger than ever before.

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