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The team believed that an autopsy could be useful in this case. That Israel somehow killed Arafat is a conspiracy theory that still gains a great deal of traction in Palestinian society. In a statement it said "Recent days' events have proven again that Yasser Arafat is a complete obstacle to any process of reconciliation As for Arafats fellows in the Palestinian liberation movement, it makes perfect sense for his Arab enemies to publicize their contention that Abu Amar was a vulgar homosexual: The team analysed 38 samples of Arafat's clothes and belongings and 37 reference samples which were known to be polonium-free.

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An editorial in The Jerusalem Post questioned the legitimacy of Abu Sharif's allegations, noting that "nobody asked how Abu Sharif came to possess this information, whether he can back it up or why he chose to divulge it so late".

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Was Arafat Gay?

According to Israel Radio, a former Palestinian intelligence officer, attorney Fahmi Shabana, said that Yasser Arafat's political rivals were responsible for his death, and that he was poisoned with polonium. Russia rules out death caused by polonium poisoning. Arafat's widow Suha stated her belief that he was a victim of a "political assassination" but refrained from finger-pointing and said she would await the French forensic results. Presidential leadership, illness, and decision making. Arafat was and remains a hero to the Palestinians.

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Arafat's illness began on 12 October with nauseavomitingabdominal painand diarrhea. This is regretful and indicative of the glaring problems in Palestinian society. Related Stories Suha Arafat: Retrieved 27 November Tests on Yasser Arafat's body showed no traces of any known poisons, according to medical files released on Monday".

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