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We're a group of people who happen to be attracted to someone of the same gender. After its inclusion on Detroit's album Jewelthe song was released as a single under London Records in Mayas the fourth and final song from Duetsand the second single from Jewelwith all b-sides performed solo by Detroit. I don't understand why it's so difficult for some people to wrap their heads around that, or why they feel so threatened by us. Retrieved 22 February From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Have you noticed how often anti-gay people bring the gay sex act into their detestable statements? In fact, the only strange thing about this scenario is the choice of radio stations to play an unedited version of the song, when there have been several radio edits made precisely to prevent this sort of issue arising.

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We want to have sex with someone of our same gender.

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You Ain't Been Doing Nothin'

It's being repeated, frequently, that the Dire Straits song is "social commentary", that it's sung in the voice of an unsympathetic narrator, that the ban constitutes "censorship", that "faggot is now an unacceptable word, but that's not the point"and — most puzzlingly — that the song is being "banned" because "one person complained". I take care of myself. You might say I did a dramatic reading of it. Today's America has evolved beyond even the prejudices of my own childhood. Money for Nothing is not taught in schools, and editing the song for radio doesn't make the unedited versions disappear. Views Read Edit View history.

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This is hardly controversial. Yes, obviously prejudice still exists, but this is a different world. We are attracted to other human beings. One edit replaces the slur with the word "mother". Sarcasm laced with frustration.

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