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In fact, Clark was pretty sure he'd lost track of coherent thought altogether at this point. And he hated having had anything to do with that cursed machine. Dawn of Justice," but here's one fact: Well, almost done, Clark thought as he used his heat vision to melt the Kryptonite down into one solid mass. And, considering what he had done before he went to sleep last night, there wasn't any chance he had taken it off and forgotten it somewhere yesterday. That was probably why Clark was so pissed to find out the experiments from the shutdown Iaso Labs were still going on in one of LexCorp other medical labs. People who loved Lex always ended up hurting him, usually by trying to kill him, and Clark had thought he could head that off by never actually admitting to his feelings.

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Then, about ten minutes after Clark had officially come out to his co-workers, Lex called him and asked Clark to come to a charity function at the Metropolis Museum with him.

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But usually enemies don't sleep together. That didn't leave too many options for what could have happened to it. The literature presents fan fiction as a universal practice, and that international media texts as the center of it. Jimmy had never thought of himself as gay.

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Jeans, I mean denim, that's for labouring in, and some sort of loose fitting blouse, a leather bomber style jacket.

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