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We talked about it all the time: Are we wrong in trying to make this work? I feel I'm rambling a little-hard to gather a million thoughts together lol. Read More I repeatedly receive questions from agitated wives who feel traumatized when they learn that their husband is homosexual. Their book offers a surprising and pleasing depth to the understanding of this phenomenon and does not treat it in simplistic, black and white ways. I understand what it feels like to be used and left in the dust like a fool. If it was just a physical release for my husband, why was he so emotional?

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I would like it if you came back and talked some more.

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Is My Husband Gay, Straight, or Bi?

Thank you for signing up! It always baffles me when a married person chooses to stay in a marriage regardless of how they are being abused. It seems to me that this requires a major psychological adjustment even more so that a regular divorce. There just were no more options for us as a couple. After months of discussion, he disclosed that he thought he might be bisexual.

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That first week of school, I was scrolling through pictures on my phone when I came across one that made my heart sink. I was already exhausted from trying to keep our kids then 7, 3 and 1 alive, not to mention fed and clothed. But I think what's great is that you haven't given up on life. He needs to be ejected from your life. My Dr said to me once do what feels right for you. There were no secrets and no assumptions. Just when he's recovering from a breakdown he's now having to find the mental strength to get through his diagnosis.

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