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Basically, I took some time off to be with my youngest daughter. If you're not learning lines, then you're on the computer researching cop jargon because you have to audition for a role you don't really know completely; there [are] 20 pages to memorize and all of that. I think she actually did get into graduate school. Loved the interview,so interesting. You cast your votes, and now we have the results. So, I kind of spent the next six or eight months being pretty selective about the projects I chose. I never feel like, "Oh, I wish I had gotten that!

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Did you make any significant contributions to the personality or characterization of Tina?

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The L Word

Wonderful to know about her contact with all girls yet. I think Jennifer and Ilene have other projects they want to do together as well. Is there any reality to an L Word movie being made? I saw it twice. How much do we love Jennifer Beals? But perhaps none have loomed as large in the popular imagination as U.

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Jenny and Shane have a sizzling romance; Bette and Tina plan to adopt a child; Kit and Helena open a new nightclub; Alice and Tasha share a mutual crush on a third party; the series ends in a shocking crime. I love to be around people that stimulate and things that are visually stimulating. Leisha was a really great painter as well. Laurel -- who played the sexy Tina Kennard on the show -- filed for divorce from her husband last year, citing irreconcilable differences. So, I was thrilled when she came and did an episode of The L Word in the second season.

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