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Why, I'm as gay as Hugh Jackman! I had a tiny dinky ass tv and antenna in my dorm JUST to watch melrose place. No, we will not share your email address with anyone or send you spam. That is so weak and self-loathing. What do you think about her now?

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Marcia was at the airport when that older lesbian finished her long swim.

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Marcia Cross: 10 years after the controversy

Also, R4, if feminism ruined lesbianism, the Michfest womyn sure didn't get the memo. A co-worker's wife had been with a woman for 10 years before they started dating. Most of the women who met her at the airport were gay. Thats healthy because there are so many closeted ones, its understandable that people would like to see more people coming forward. He's a great guy, I hope it works out for them.

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And also, Marcia told me at the Out party that she has a gay uncle, she went to Juilliard where everyone is gay, and she laughingly added, Maybe Ill even turn gay myself. Obviously someone wants to live in a state of delusion. Why, I'm as gay as Hugh Jackman! How does that work? Or do you think conversion therapy actually works? Not that I get why women would repress heterosexual tendencies, but maybe it's like someone else said; they have some type of unresolved issue with men. The media now seem to feel that even if someone doesnt turn out to be gay, its OK to investigate the possibility.

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