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The jersey rode up on his burgeoning torso, exposing a large, fat underbelly. Ned opened his mouth begrudgingly and Max scooped it in. Even got a few 58s. Hell, look at Blubber Butt next door. He has this hot, macho, beefcake vibe and pretty much every gay guy in town wants to get into his pants. Did it hurt his feelings?! Had Max done that?

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Max walked in from the shower, looking like a catwalk model and halted immediately at seeing Ned in only his work pants.

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Gainer House

I was something of a party boy, a circuit gay if you will, and the lifestyle eventually caught up to me. In the last 2 years. Had this been a mistake? Craig had always promised himself that he would never forgive infidelity. He was even beginning to be able to see his cheeks in his field of view just from looking down. How stupid was he? Max kissed him, slowly and deeply.

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Hannah and Harry were kindred spirits, bound together by more than just friendship. Got all kinds of shit. Thanks for not calling me fat. Jay eyed him up and down. There was one perk about the gym however.

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