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And it's just like what you see in like the media doesn't do anything but enforce those kind of ideas. Um, speaking properly when times calls for it. So I just figure different. We then asked: Christian, Latino, 19 yrs. Other young men who were comfortable with possessing both masculine and feminine characteristics discussed how they have successfully blended the most appealing qualities of the two genders, while others spoke of attempting to dismantle stereotypes and rigid expectations related to gender performance altogether as they created their own scripts for gender expression.

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Participants not only reported learning various traditional messages about masculinity, they also reported messages which differed from traditional images of masculinity. Madison, WI: Gendering Race and Ethnicity The quotes above illustrated how masculinity is constructed in an ethnic or culturally specific framework; in essence, they describe the culturalizing of gender. A randomized controlled trial of an HIV sexual risk-reduction intervention for young African-American women.

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Participant Yeah.