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However, some shots in Demetrius's home reveal it to be a real house-- mismatched kitchen cabinet doors, an older stove, and inexpensive dining room furniture. The acting was so bad that some of my favorite and unintentionally hilarious scenes involved any of the leads attempting to cry. Akers as a director and writer here sharing the credits with Sandon Berg and as with his other two features 'Matrimonium' and 'Gone, But Not Forgotten' there is a sense that Akers knows how to tell a good story, a story based on universal themes but just happening to be using gay characters to explain a similarity in all manners of love whether they be straight or gay. Views Read Edit View history. By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. Seeing the joint predicament both lovers are in because of Ken's betrayal of them both, Dylan and Demetrius feel an affinity building up between them and eventually fall in love together.

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Phoenix (2006)

See all 27 reviews. Flies back to Phoenix to fix the broken business deal, but when Dylan shows up to surprise him, he is nowhere to be found. But let's not quibble over small plausibility matters. The actors are all good looking, but flawed enough to make them seem even more real. The only way gay-themed films can go main-stream, is with respect; respect to character depth, respect to strong and original scripts and respect to the audience.

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Available on Prime The Last Year. And I kept thinking something will happen in the few moments left Views Read Edit View history. Dylan accepts this part-time relationship until his 23rd birthday when, after an argument, Ken takes off early in the morning and vanishes. As Demetrius says, "All I ever wanted was a husband, a house, and a kid I like.

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