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Homosexuality and the Fall of Fitz-Greene Halleck. Written in the 1st century AD during the reign of Neroit is the earliest known text of its kind depicting homosexuality. Graham preached the need for sexual restraint, describing in lurid tones the horrors that he believed awaited libertines. Children's Literature Association Quarterly. There were celebrated poets in the s and s who were homosexual—Hart Crane, W. Although Sedgwick considers Billy Budd to be suffused with homosexual desires, she points out that there is only one homosexual in the modern sense in the story:

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Against Interpretation and Other Essays.

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Translated by Seidensticker, Edward G. Children's Literature in Education. Back cover copy While "the male condition" is increasingly the focus of critical inquiry, the first images to come to most minds are those associated, ironically enough, with the resoundingly heterosexual men's movement - sweat lodges, primal screams, etc.

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