Affirmative psychotherapy and counseling for lesbian and gay man

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Psychology and sexual orientation: However, they seem to remain schools of interest to sexual minori- ties, some of whom were raised in conventionally religious communities. Sexual Addiction and Compulsivity5— The gay male client in sex addiction treatment. Clinicians report that gay men and their families struggle more frequently with the institution, community, and practices of religion rather than directly with God. Dimensions of the gay and lesbian experience pp. American Sociological Review66 2—

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Lesbians, gay men, and the law.

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Handbook of Affirmative Psychotherapy with Lesbians and Gay Men

One was a closed membership, time-limited group; the other was an open membership, ongoing group. Theory, Research, and Practice. Indeed, you may encounter some clients who are so deeply uncomfortable with their sexual orientation that you will learn about their orientation only after many months, or perhaps not at all. During the assessment, Angela informed you that she has been feeling unhappy and has uncontrollable crying spells. University of Chicago Press.

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Serving the older community. A unique aspect of the book is the thorough presentation of affirmative psychotherapy interventions. Injudicious "expert" pronouncements and sensational stories in the media heighten the fear of persons at risk for the disease as well as the fear and prejudice of the general community. From the s to the s: Battered gay men and domestic violence.

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